no more seizures by the sea

9:01 p.m. x 2004-09-16

random plights, but by no means anything major. massive vertigo can color a day extensively, but heat exhaustion isn't very nice. i only passed out for an hour this time, and it was after kara and i talked about really lovely things. so that all wound up floating around up there in a cheery blender of lispy and motorcycle bitches. puree!

before the passing out, though, i'd been reading oprah magazine, and that just may have been what did it...either way, when i woke up i'd leafed through to the page on impotent anger. i lost grip on my vision a few columns in, but it was nice to be recognized in print. not only have i not had that many oppertunities to write and diffuse stress in the past few weeks, also any writing i happen to do is really misdirected and hostile into nowhere.

i really hate this whole sleeping thing, there aren't enough hours in the day. i know i spend a grand amount of it zoned and scribbling, but that's very important that i take the time to do that. it's how i'm able to be my pleasant, wonderful self otherwise (allow me to interject with EW!).

he understands.

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