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11:14 p.m. x 2004-09-18

i just added some books to my wishlist on amazon, writings by vienna actionists and some stuff by bataille, a book i DESPERATELY want to read called animal rights & pornography, and a book on cady noland. things are looking cool as far as purchases go for xmas, i'm hoping to discourage my too-small bookshelf even further. i realized that there are some photographers that i don't hate and would really enjoy having books of their work, and looking around the depths of my wishlist i realize there's a lot of really cool books that i never remembered to order. and an old movie called "god told me to" that i desperately wanted to order and then forgot about. i have to get a lot from amazon this year.

kara's brother matt had his party today at quiznos! i had no idea that quiznos was an acronym. all right, i know this - quality unity integrity zeal neat outstanding service. so good! it was cool, and then kara and i walked, and i read de sade, and i'm thinking tomorrow i have to touch base with auntie m and i have to go out and get manda's thoroughly cool birthday gifts. amazon sent me a note about that the other day, and i have it exactly in mind what i should get her. i'd like to get her the hippie coffee table book except it might be a smidhe over-budget. but maybe for xmas.

I NEED TO FIND THE GIRL WHO WAS PLUGGED IN BY JAMES TIPTREE JR. - it must be SOMEWHERE! baah. i'm really enthusiastic about securing this little list of old books i wanted to read back in middle school. they're all really bleak-looking science fiction titles, i don't know what i was thinking...but i'd like to find out...

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