of vincent d'onofrio and dennis cooper

8:42 p.m. x 2004-09-23

hormones...so baffling. it's semptember, thinks i. speaking of which, it is also very very nearly manda's birthday, her 18th which establishes her as an adult.


i got an awesome grade on a paper today (awesome within the realm of kari) that included a comment similar to "wow, what are you writing about?!" which i thought was cool. a hell of a lot of it was unintelligable until i started talking about dennis cooper and abusing bethany. and then it blathered again. it's like this clear little randomness in a dust cloud of absurdity. and, i think, a thomas harris reference. when in doubt, quote silence of the lambs and everything gets jerked violently into perspective.

oh man i loved "the cell".

writing that paper really made me examine how i pay miniscule attention to what i'm actually writing about as i am...writing, that is...i just expect that by the virtue of the muffled coherence of my thought process, whatever spouts forth relating onto the page must have something to do with the topic at hand, even if it takes a paragraph or two to explain (which it rarely does and i often just chalk it up to others not paying attention, which is why i understand it when people put down my papers before they're done reading - not because it sucks, i know it doesn't - but because it's very...innntense!). other times i'm very terse about things and can't elaborate at all.

it depends on whether or not you want my input on a subject or straight reporting, which i care dispairingly little about. and i think that's why i got a good grade on this paper.

there were clips of jeffrey dahmer as a young boy behind dr. phil on the special last night, and that is what made me cry. and hormones...(start back at the top now).

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