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4:58 p.m. x 2004-10-04

i use the internet almost exclusively to write in here and read others' updates, just so i don't feel too entirely out of the loop and others don't feel too entirely out of mine...but i very rarely surf the web, and as that has ebbed i've done something i've never done before, owing to the entertainment equilibrium - i've begun CHANNEL SURFING.

given this is only between six channels (AMC, VH1, discovery health, A&E, court tv, and the USA network), that's five more than i usually ever watch and are familiar with the programming of. as this has increased to having the better part of my evening a slave to scheduling (everything must be done within the miniscule window between "american justice" and "law & order: svu"), i never visit websites anymore except a few.

among these precious few are pervscan, which speaks for itself. everything is taken from a legitimate news source and all the responces are miraculously in sync with my hellish sense of humor. i love it. amazon & imdb shouldn't really count because they're little else but catalogs. i never visit disinformation anymore, but i feel i should, and VICE!!!, of course! vice is a reason in and of itself to pry oneself away from mariska hargitay's man haircut.

send me places, if you're out there - direct me somewhere special.

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