i still won three purple hearts!

10:34 p.m. x 2004-10-10

a*some list
  • the smashing pumpkins video for "thirty-three" and the whoaness of filming with a photography camera.
  • soundscapes! soundscapes! like air and my bloody valentine! cold weather makes me long for SOUNDSCAPES!
  • speaking of which...cold weather!!! AT LAST - today i came back from my walk all freezing but practically out of my mind with excitement.
  • dita von teese, and the infinite coolness of burlesque performance and fashion. did i read somewhere that her style will be all over the place this winter? hell YES, please. she was in VOGUE and POP, now INTERVIEW has to do something cool on her. have her man interview her! get a devastatingly hot spread of dita over a few pages with interesting insight and commentary throughout (blatant lie: i want to see corsets).
  • anyway, POP magazine is so wow...i had the issue with beyonce knowles on the cover (go kari) and that was it for the longest time, it seemed to have disappeared from my local barnes & noble, and they very suddenly had the new fallwinter04 issue yesterday, and i bought it even though it cost the amount of the other book i bought (15$ - what? it's an invaluable biannual event, POP). i'm loving the layout and the way they made everything interesting, the goth/romantic theme and the DITA!!!, even though christina ricci now weighs as much as the average limb. allow me to fill you in: i was depressed ohsolongago (clinically so at eight, and then never again, so it helps when i get sad to remember then, shudder, and then progress) and my mom bought me this, which was awkward because A) i was very self-conscious about people KNOWING i was depressed, and the fact that my mom new enough to want to help really frazzled me and B) i didn't know who many of those people were or about any REAL problems a person might have. like anorexia, no idea in hell, and i didn't know who christina ricci was or that she had it (and then i saw "caspar" again and nothing was ever quite the same, quite as innocent, y'know). and so i learned that way and christina ricci became (and is still, kind of) irrevocably linked up in my mind to eating disorders. so i saw POP and i was like...damn. double-you tee eff, mate? not that she isn't still pretty, it's just...something i'll have to get used to. having half christina ricci. but she looked normal in "monster" outside of that haircut...*tisk* crazy.
  • harmful to minors, and the kind of inadvertant claim that pedophilia does not exist (i know that isn't what she's saying, but it sounds a bit like it at times and it's funny).
  • that oh-so-subtle stab at our dubya that is the shirt proclaiming "PARIS FOR PRESIDENT - SHE'S SMARTER THAN BUSH". i admit, being the healthy doppelgänger that i am - i want one.

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