the situation couldn't be clearer. but what's not clear is the part i'll be playing.

6:25 p.m. x 2004-10-21

i think some seniors have to compensate for how ragingly stupid they are by reenacting their greatest hits, volumes third grade through eigth grade, before commencing on to an education that isn't moaning like a cranky, unpaid whore every time somebody tries to add to the conversation. ESPECIALLY somebody who NEVER adds.


i love brandi's insight. she's straightforeward without being rude, she's fair and balanced and not prone to attack. i really enjoyed talking to her today with kara and heather, which was really really inexplicably perfect after the kind of day i had, to have such an open, airy kind of talk that was also very transgressive and very relieving to have. and see brandi's BRILLIANT artwork! her sculptures are emphatically WHOA.

last night my mom said to me, "your sister gave me her xmas list, if you give me yours we can start xmas shopping this weekend", so i sat down to complete said task, and there is at least one thing in every category that i MUSTMUSTMUST HAVE and one of these is the "MULHOLLAND DRIVE" SOUNDTRACK, which consumed me entirely last night, and the huge-ass luis bunuel book. as for film - there isn't any one thing, it's been mounting for a while...some of them right now are "bande a part" and "giulitta degli spiriti", "kaspar hauser"...etc...i think two of the movies i picked are in english. awfully dorky of me.

i wrote all summer, and i am bitterly exhausted of & by the english language.

i'm excited for medical assistance! i get medical assistance in november! i haven't seen a doctor in a LOOONG time and i rather really really need one. uugh NOVEMBER NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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