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12:41 a.m. x 2004-10-31


so there was tweak, kenzie (or kennnnZEH), clare, sarah, nicole and paul (democrats) vs. bethany and wayne (republicans) and then student teacher kid moderating, and EVERYBODY did an awesome job. i got to sit back with food and spencer and make lewd jokes, and it was so cool. the open discussion absolutely ruled, though, because of kenzie's angry scottish mom and the wrath of myself, the rest of young democrats, and amber of the debate team. and awesomely awesome andy input! it was VERY cool. also very cool was last night, when bethany saw andrea (young democrats vice-president) and said "prepare to be OWNED" and she wasn't debating. aawe.

the topics that got beaten beyond identification included health care, separation of church and state, gay rights, abortion, taxes, et al.

i had standards all ready for the democrats, so i was blown away by the republicans. props in that direction. and of course i'm proud of the democrats, who "partied" afterwards.

...i got to sit by kenzie's wrathful mom a lot of the time, and she whispered arguments to me throughout. other times, i sat with this little green balloon, which was funny because everything else was red white and blue, except this little balloon i call ralph nadar. it was incredibly wow.

i was blown away with everyone - but my little brother's favorite speaker was clare. he really loved her thing about kids in boxes. oh yeah..."no child left behind"...that was a trip.

debates...ooooh debates...

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