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11:17 p.m. x 2004-11-02

TODAY WAS WONDERFUL! - it started off very rocky, with a lot of tense moods (and i was late and kind of gross-looking), but somehow that didn't deter me. something kept me really up, and i'm really glad for that. i stayed up, went to an awesome therapy sessions so my mom & jane could gad about my SAT scores - WHICH, BY THE WAY...this is so cool!!: i am in a high, HIIIIGH NATIONAL percentile for verbal/writing and i think that is devestatingly A*SOME! that definitely helped to keep me up today, and THEN i went to the precinct where everybody lives to help out. moods there were still tense, which sucked (you can't be grouchy when you're trying to get people to vote for your party!), but there was the coolest veteran ever who sat with me and gave my friends & i very nice 9/11 bracelets and let us hold his signs. and also spencer and spencer's dad, who are the coolest couple of people in the world (spencer is, as are all, in the graduating class below mine). after polls closed, spencer & i picked up clare as we sped to the democratic headquarters and met AMBER THE AWESOME DEBATING SOPHMORE! and we PARTIED with incredible people and cheered at a big screen TV. a senatorial candidate was there and everybody got their picture taken with him, because he was friendly. and we ran downtown to another precinct, where we "aided" with numbers, and heralded a wonderful evening. so even if it took all day, i was finally with a bunch of people in a wonderful mood!

...the democratic headquarters had a picture of JFK on the wall...more than anything that really made my night...

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