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9:09 p.m. x 2004-11-25

it's justifiable that everyone would be in a severely mer mood, it IS thanksgiving, in which the only applicable social norm to have filtered out of its scope has been to eat shitloads of a random and narrow selection of food (...greenbeans...). justifiable.

and i didn't have an outwardly good day, or week, for the most part. but out of it, i thought about things, did little things to clear it up.


and because the other social norm is to feel happy to have something, i did think about that.

i didn't get a chance to see clare for most of the week, and i got to go to her house yesterday and hang out with her and tweak and andrea, and paul and allegra and kenzie and ben and cory, and i'm out-of-my-mind happy about that. i get to walk home and work on my grad project with kara with amazing frequency, and i'm over-the-moon happy about that. i have a bunch of classes with bethany, and i'm mind-boggling happy about that. i have lunch every other day with heather and lunch every day with amber...AMAAAAAAAZINGLY wonderful awesomeness, i get to read the awe-inspiring wonder of aliya! whenever she updates and that kicks immeasurable ass, and despite the fact that i never get to see manda and alex and that sucks, i still love them, and i couldn't possibly be happier about that.

so you get the jist. thanksgiving sucks, but i hope this entry makes somebody feel a little bit better.

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