i sit here all alone in a martini built for two

3:34 p.m. x 2004-12-13

with some slight variations between them, all five cds i burned last night are almost the same (kara didn't get some songs i intend to buy her, paul got more thrill kill kult, etc). tonight i know i'm doing TIFFANY and ANDREA. again, if those are not your names, sit tight. i have to go little by little.

my little brother just whispered "seven days!" really loudly from downstairs.

if he were to tan, he has nice skin for it, but he looks really in-doors, and kind of sullen. like naturally sullen that it would be a lot sweeter if he were very upbeat, and he has exactly my favorite kind of hair (wavey-ish, curly-ish). he was wearing a light sweater over a dark dress shirt (blue) and khakis and i'd like to think he plays an instrument. my bus sped off before i could see which house was his.


also i sat for an hour painstakingly trying to list things manda could get me and i finally scribbled it all out and was like...MANGA...and i didn't ask her what she wanted - ???!!!!! - because I SUCK.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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