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11:54 p.m. x 2004-12-19

BURN-A-THON: all righty...AMBER, KENZIE, SARA, BRANDI, HEATHER, ALIYA and CATIE's gifts are finished. i bought manda's hideously awesome present (which i wanted...but it's cooler if manda has it). clare & i went to border's today and sat on the floor in the lobby, watching it snow. it isn't snowing here in the village though, which is complete shit. I LOVE SNOW, i was so excited...

i'm emphatically looking foreward to the 25th because i'm very eager for my "twilight zone" boxset. it's kind of ghetto, it's from wally world, but for yesu's sake - it has "to serve man"!

clare just HAD TO HAVE A HOT BUNDT today, and that was really something. border's has terrible coffee but really nice baked goods and other assorted confections. i always go to barnes&noble, though, because college students always mysteriously appear there. i don't know if there's a college up there, but i know there are college students (with philosophy major roommates!).


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