oh sandy, why are there people like frank?

10:06 p.m. x 2004-12-27

we got lost, and i really, really cannot express my loathing for the clay aiken xmas album. i cannot. not without just...crying.

wow, chris isaak is so COOL.

anyway, yeah, i hate "background noise". like when you're talking to someone and they put on a cd or they turn on the tv and they go, "yeah, it's background noise". i only do that when i don't want to hear the ho speak. i don't know how this fares with others. but i hate it when i'm talking to someone and they need "background noise".

also, tvs. tvs are beginning to suck. i like to watch movies. i like to switch on a film when i'm unwinding. but to have it on 24/7 cause you've GOTTA SEE THE NEEEWS or you're into oprah that way, that's...ghastly and unnerving. you're probably my mom, if the above rings true.

i'm not getting cable of any sort when i have my own place. just my dvd player slash vcr. maybe by then "the chris isaak show" will be out on dvd?!!! YES.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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