what happens in vegas stays in vegas

1:57 a.m. x 2005-01-01

i worship st. allegra. she threw the bangin'est party and i hung out with THE KATY M! which kicked 17 assorted kinds of ass...mostly those belonging to such cool kids as senor acid bath fiend: el brian, the hairless mass that has replaced kurt the rockstarboy!, cory and his killer elf voice, joe the opera man...who was unutterably cool tonight..., and silent virgin ben. there was a flash of a tweak through the party with kiri and cousins in-tow, as well as an andy, and paul was in a good mood tonight which was great.

ryan played upon my intense confusion as soon as i walked in the door. i came in and he was in a room with his friend abby and he went "are you here for abby's party?" and she looked at me puzzled, and i went "i'm here for allegra's." and ryan goes "that's next door!" and i wilted...but i was right...i'm just easy to do that to...

brian, kurt, and katy raced around lowe's, everybody got cozy and observed fireworks, and...OH...i got PISSED ON. let me tell you about THAT.

so i was having a moment with joe on the lawn and there's this mysterious pole by us. all night we'd been like "what is this pole?" and finally, as we're lying there, joe rips out the pole and mysteriousness flies all over me.

i'm fairly certain it was a friend of allegra's septic system. i've bathed since. but the shame remains, i'm telling you. and i'm looking at the names i listed in the first paragraph up there and i'm like damn i know a hoard of young men!

things are good. things should stay like this. except for my stomach ache and mild dizziness and the possibility that i have specks of septic left somewhere lingering on me...*shudders*...


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