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6:31 p.m. x 2005-01-04

i keep falling asleep in third block, my body remembers what it was like being in third block english last year, which is an overreaction...i've started a bunch of workshoppish projects now. i have a diary that is actually a day planner from barnes & noble. there are only a couple lines for each day so i write a description or a fragment of a scene that i would use in something. i'm also hemming together three independant stories whose concepts i loved but couldn't flesh out...and i wound them together and that looked i'm doing a serial thing.

one of the best aspects of my vacation was getting to talk a blue streak about cinematography, noir techniques and the hyper-molested use of film in an educational atmosphere (like this video in government about the economy and DESIGNER JEANS). clare and i walked around after school and plotted something really cool and i thought, yeah, i would like a microcassette recorder named diane to be my faithful confidant.

COMING SOON: RED DRAPES. (to beat the obvious, as well, with a rake: obsessing over something can sometimes be a sign. to always be talking about something and to turn one's conversation continually back to that thing can be in certain situations an avoidance of a bigger, unnerving, dare i say...harrowing? awful, certainly, awful issue...the person who slowly withdraws into obsession is someone you would want to listen to carefully, that the subtext may begin to give away things the obsessee urgently wishes you to hear...or maybe that person just LOVES KYLE MACLAUGHIN???)

i edit this seconds later, but i forgot to add, i bought the TWIN PEAKS PILOT for $30 yesterday, and i saw in my travels today that in september paramount plans to start the onslaught of extreme twin peaks pimpage. i say, rage.

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