they deftly maneuver and muscle for rank, fuels burning fast on an empty tank

11:07 p.m. x 2005-01-06

blaagh: special k red berries, coffee, seven licks of icing, approximately twenty-five french fries, chicken noodle soup from a chinese buffet, and skittles gum.

the cake the icing came from, my group's cake in advanced foods, is awfully mm-hmm and femenine, wedding-cake-ish. one group did a blue cake with a snowman, the best cake came from this kid working by himself...and then the manly cake that got hollowed out in the middle and with padding sides. that group's cake kicked considerable ass.

like a FANCY HEARING CAKE (explained: it's another weird thing plucked from the "soramimi cake" song, about the mysteries of love and that bitch dr. atkins..."soramimi cake" in fact is "fancy hearing cake", and it's read on the mysterious door...).

dude, the law & order: svu episode "wanderlust", which was on last night, contained copious nabokov references. you can't beat that for cool tv. i would be really happy right now, though, if i had a dictaphone named diane and i was singing it the twelve days of twin peaks. jack nance, dana ashbrook, frank silva, kyle maclaughlin, and kimmy robertson sure can belt it, can't they (no, look at that, it's head-scratching)?

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