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6:15 p.m. x 2005-01-09

today my mom and i screamed "NORTHERN EXPOSURE" in unison in a public place. i'm this close to buying that show based on that little parka it comes in. that parka's got it going on.

the weekend of intense partying draws to a close and as "without you" by harry nilsson plays, i cannot help but see andrea's ecstatic expression as she cheers at having tied a tie properly. it's a heartwarming visual.

and brian in a dress. so many people came to the party wondering who "she" was. awe. you can't beat that for a good time. also when ben threw kenzie forcibly into a room...and when amber was a man (amber makes a fabulous man), and when catie sang, and when tweak walked like barbie, and when kurt was attacked.

i attacked kurt and, fucking hell, he giggles like a demon. it was weird. but good. and kara loved the shins!!! and clare loved tool!!! and i bought another SPARK CHART...spark makes me smile.

like parkas.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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