pilgrim and pagan

5:26 p.m. x 2005-02-10

yeah, i, uh...i'll have to let a grudge of any kind go if the person acknowledges that i'm attractive.

god dammit it's about fucking time (one person with puzzling hair...all right, it's a start). today: this kid, tomorrow: another kid, in a matter of weeks: THE WORLD.

once you have entered into the soft, steel-plated pillow of my ego, nothing can ever hurt you.

i would also like to submit as evidence to the world's coolness as of late: beth and tori. they're little sweetheart freshmen that i adore. also everyone from kara's party, especially chelsea (though for no specific reason, she's just cute).

and now this, this really sucks:


i read about this at pervscan: those are photos that depicted the graphic sexual abuse of a nine-year-old girl. she's been edited out as thoroughly as possible so that the police could use the photos in getting the place of the abuse identified (they found it, too: port orleans hotel at disney).

that's pretty much one of the most awful things i've ever seen. they're so haunted. ugh...feel free to get enraged with me.

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