the sky looked perfect as cats

11:30 p.m. x 2005-02-18

first, i woke up late with no desire whatsoever to will myself to school. i did, a block late, and endured the van gogh painting "night cafe", budgets, and "good will hunting". BEST LINE EVER: "i will end you!" as spat by robin williams. then psychopizza with clare and a mysterious trail of a girl called jessie, then rocking out to melissa auf der maur and preplanning for clare's emotional outing tomorrow (after we go democrat-ing!). then to coconut's and applebee's, then encountered a beautiful KAAARAAA in the parking lot (i took her test and sucked, pish)! then went to wally world and bough cider and A FRUIT DISH (the most thoroughly a*some fruit dish known to man! it's part of the collection that my jewelry box belongs to and i'm telling you it is hott) and FRAAANZ FERDINAAAND, at last. then we saw kurt, brian, allegra, and brian's companion piece sarah d. clare opened the cider with a can opener from another aisle and kurt wore allegra's sweater. wow.

i can't get over this fucking fruit dish (this day was the man)! TOMORROW: CCDC AHOY.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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