"i'm so busy these days pleading with everyone that i'm lucid, that i'm educated, that i'm middle-class. it's stupid."

6:40 p.m. x 2005-02-23

so i bought that fascinatingly whoa accessory set and there are two frames, one of which i had to recut the picture in order to house it in the frame. this one was of clare, the next one i need is of KARA! preferably one with the long sides facing right-left and the short sides facing up-down because...i have none of anyone like that...and so in order for the frame not to be sitting there empty, i put a picture of courtney love in it. she's in another frame that never got a picture, either (extra note: courtney love's breasts are now, quite possibly naturally, the same size as mine, and for that i applaud her). it looks puzzling, but not half so puzzling as this...or this for that matter.

my room is so deleriously YES. i was sitting in my brother's room the other day, and he's little yet and hasn't polished his personality too entirely, so he has a pretty nondescript, decorated-by-mom room, which i had for an inordinate span of time. craft-store quilt, cream sheets, rusty decor, standard-sized furniture for someone under four feet tall. and it was plastared in posters of marilyn manson and hole. that, too, was puzzling.

i can't have that many posters up again, but i had to put up my PRINCESS AI one. that thing's so dizzyingly a*some i cannot take my eyes off it.

"eddie vedder says shit like that. fuck you." (oh you HAVE to smile)

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