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4:35 p.m. x 2005-02-24

point 1: hunter s. thompson, dead, but was extremely cool for a lengthy stay. point deux: low self-esteem manifests itself in no more disgusting a way than when one girl cannot connect to another girl because the other girl is that, a girl, and not a guy. i'm just letting myself get revulsion out of the way. let's move on to something more constructive. point the other: i was made to watch "forrest gump" today, and i thought, wow, i've never seen this film. after class i thought, wow, i know why. point the last: i just have these three poor sconces lying around my room with nowhere to go. and my one clock (not my new one) is incredibly busted and in need of a knew gear.

watched the conclusion of "a very special dr. phil: is my son a sexual predator?" after getting out of school a block early (!!!) and hung my head in woe. it should go without saying that i hope the family is all right after this, and i hope the son gets the help that he needs, but...the thing that still bothers me the most is that it was broadcast. i know they had tried everything else and this was their last ditch effort to freak him into telling the truth, but...i still feel awful for the son that he had to go through that self-revelation on the air. i'm just not an eye-for-an-eye person.

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