sometimes these eyes forget the face they're peering from

4:47 p.m. x 2005-03-03

i slaved away at this layout concept all week, and this version took five minutes, if that.

i have several strong somatic symptoms of chronic freak-outage, my body is petrified of something...i'm extremely sound-sensitive already and am worse now, my nose bleeds every couple of minutes...i was struck with mad hives up my forearm, and i'm really nervey. really REALLY.


but that's not as bad as this...courtney love was named one of the most unsexiest people by the school newspaper!, my thing is worse. my thing wishes it had courtney love's hair right now (word).

i was thinking today a lot about male/female dynamics and relationships, which i'm not prone to ruing about but i was...among other things, THE INTANGIBLE DEPTHS, etc, i thought that one is attracted to others, one should just have to hope that those others are attracted back...i am not on the same "attraction" page as others, and the few individuals who have found me attractive, i end up in the same uncomfortable dynamic with over and over. i guess because i seem innocent and passive and disarming, and very wouldn't be apparent that i'm much more comfortable in the guy role, and feeling "daughtered" is not what i would want in a relationship.

i would want sweaters, like those pictured in this layout. those are some of the hottest sweaters going, ladies.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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