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10:59 p.m. x 2005-03-04


night deux of marathon GANG WARS! mascarading as a high school production of "bye bye birdie". last night i went with sara, brandi and jesus and this new girl named amanda, and since she's the seventeenth amanda i've become acquainted with, she's been dubbed "randolph". so we watched the free dress rehearsal last night, and tonight i went (and even paid) with kara, amber, spencer, heather, mr. clare ("brandon"), and a host of medical curiosities...and kenzie's mum!

like i need to tell you, but: the queerest thing a person could possibly do is cry during "put on a happy face".

clare was incredibly the man for the second night in a row! and heather's sets were so hott! i'm proud of everyone involved who was cute, and excluding those who weren't! like ryan was cute. i was very proud. and i loved how in his profile, it listed him as having no other interests outside of the play itself.

post-play, kara and i shared a*some chips, butter rum discs and curious strawberry milk by the light of a gleaming jerry curl! and last night i spirited clare back up to her house, in an act of stealth and invisibility (until her mom started feeling me). i feel better now...definitely better than the rest of the week. i've done nothing but cry. i've forsaken homework for crying and sleep all this week.

AND WHAT A WEEK, you's been very weird. today marks the end of the weird week (i hope). i want it to be over...but i'll keep it mind...

p.s., *brrrrrr!*

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