he's in love with kim, kim's in love with him

9:28 p.m. x 2005-03-06


i went out with clare tonight and bought WHAT I HOPE is the version of alice in wonderland that scared me out of my gord as a three-year-old. it looks like it. i had hot wings at applebee's, and because we're elite patrons we were serviced by the manager (heck yes!). we spent fifteen minutes in front of a poster full of homies and lindsay lohan and everything was cool.

i think that brought a nice end to my intense week of WEIRD. AND NO MORE "BYE BYE BIRDIE". the play is over! clare can do stuff after school now!!! YESS!!!

i don't think jon heder is dead. at least...let's hope not.

i sound unenthusiastic but this isn't so, i'm just distracted by the now free TV in my dad's room that beckons me to go watch the rest of "the l word" episode one, season two...

...i like men, but...MIA KIRSHNER?! she's not a woman...she's a force of nature...LIKE THESE THINGS. easter's coming up...eeYAYyuh...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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