then all of a sudden turn happy

9:29 p.m. x 2005-03-24

i was supposed to have a very subdued day today, as i was unable to really leave the premesis (eugh), but i really wasn't in that mood. i got up (after catie called, looove the catie), got ready & dressed & etc and then "cleaned" my room...which is such a severe conundrum...i cannot begin to comprehend how i've mashed so much shit into what could easily be a vestibule. a really cramped vestibule. everything is stacked, crowded, order to operate one item, you have to slip it out from under five others.

queen adreena's new album comes out 23 may...and the first proper single 18 may. "fm doll" all ready came out, but i also all ready own the old "whoops" copy, i guess. the next single is "medicine jar". i'm curious and riveted. speaking of which, i finally rented "saw", to which i say: cary elwes was hilarious. i thought the plot was a i really loved the ending. the cops annoyed me, but i loved the ending.

owning "saturday morning cartoons' greatest hits" (the greatest album ever recorded) again reminds me that i still want a band very badly. a band that sounds like liz phair and material issue singing the "tra la la" song.

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