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10:46 p.m. x 2005-03-26

today i travelled a decent distance for breafast, borders and starbucks, and when i got home i went to see "miss congeniality 2" avec kara and leah. somehow, reasons and ways unknown, this was my entire day. there really should've been more to it, but i don't think there was.

somewhere in between those things i adopted a phobia of public toilets, but i couldn't tell you when. right now i'm thinking about my very cool math teacher.

this poor woman has the creepiest job. that class, integrated math 3, is obscenely puzzling...a good portion of it is seniors who do not have all required math credits (myself among them), and the rest are people who have taken integrated 2 and not felt up to rejoining the normal math curriculum. so the mood is dominated by laziness and frustration: half the class almost had it but didn't, the other half could but doesn't want it. mostly the two boys in front of me talk about cars and i draw. otherryan comes over and talks to me about the odd hateful bits of school and social conformity.

it's a lot like how i met tweak, except...BIZARRO. and the two rooms are adjacent to each other (?!).

so this teacher is cool because she goes over to me in stats (poor woman teaches stats too) and tells me this spitefully funny thing about the art teacher, whom i have a hot/cold relationship with. it was pretty funny.

endnote: the comments pop-ups are impotent, but i still love kara!

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