you'll never walk alone

9:00 p.m. x 2005-03-31

(that movie is you & me.)

my day today was much much much much better, because it was relaxing, i got a certificate of merit! for art!, and i kicked ASS at this round of fake tennis in gym. and carreer day didn't blow like last year. and MY FAVORITE MOVIE CAME IN THE MAIL! AAAAAGH!!!

i can't believe my local blockbuster banished its copy of "heavenly creatures". that enraged me. but this copy is uncut! that's exciting. i hadn't seen the uncut version before. the end really troubled me for whatever reason. i was caught off-guard by the final frame. THAT film, my friend, kicks "lord of the rings"'s ASS. immeasurably.

i'm tired though because i'm ready to move on from this. it's fatiguing me now, the plodding blagh of high school.


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