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11:42 p.m. x 2005-04-01

i wrote a nice, looong entry just now about my circumstance. it was scholarly and well-put, it was acidic and marrow-chilling, it's climax a hail of rape and repulsive adjectives. a concise summary would be: my lines have been crossed. i am BADBADBAD at communicating to others that they've crossed important boundaries, it is just not my strong suit to say to someone that they're bothering me and they should stop. i promise me now: i have to. and i'm going to!

but nobody needs to go through that entry to get to it.

instead: i rented "manhunter" but the copy is addicted to cocaine. it failed, clocking out halfway through and even accessing scenes from the scene selector didn't work. half the movie has just disappeared. all is forgiven because i was also able to finally pick up a copy of THE CRAFT from my local obscenelylowpriced entertainment depot called "coconuts". i love that movie. it's not an ounce the work of art that HEAVENLY CREATURES is, but it's raw and nineties and takes me back...robbin tunney? neve campbell? rachel true? fairuza balk? si, senor.

luck and a fair voyage for JP II, seeing as he's about to do some of that mortal coil shuffling, pope-style. i always liked the pope, he's a pretty cute guy. greeting everyone with the same fair raise of his hand and being polish (a papal first). in the annals of popedom, he'll earn a special place not unlike "the craft" in my movie collection.

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