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7:40 p.m. x 2005-04-10

i've maimed my stomach with taco bell. i feel extremely disoriented, which does not matter since it's been a fairly cool day. the weather was mm-hmm and i got to take a walk (thinking i could maybe escape the tacos, but no, i couldn't), my mom drove me to the farthest reaches of retail-world to apply for a job and we also went spontaneous spring shopping.

yesterday i cleared out my closet and stacked up some things to sell. one of the items, a black sweater with crystals stuck randomly around it, i really like, but after somebody called me "liza" in it, it became clear that i had to get rid of it. so...i have to do that...

i also must research where to get my doctorate. i'm going to hop around and go from college to college throughout getting my bachelor's and my master's, so that i can see and experience a variety of academic iniquity...i figure i could not spend more than two years at any one place...but i want to end on a very special note. so i must determine where i'd like to end up.

who gets the pleasure of making miss k a PsyD? well! there just happens to be a PSYCHOLOGY PHD RANKING right here!:

1. stanford university
2. university of michigan at ann-arbor
3. yale university
4. university of california at los angeles
5. university of illinois at champaigne urbana

brown is #37, and that's the one that i thought looked cute. it is, of course, something i'll have time to think about. i don't want to be involved in some of the research i know the elementary thinktanks like to do with behavior modification and destroying personality. like how harvard created the unabomber? and, lordy, SKINNER?!

if i went to stanford for my doctorate, which is a philosophy degree, i'd be getting it in either of these arenas:

personality psychology at stanford emphasizes basic research on personality, emotion and psychopathology, using a broad range of experimental and psycho-physiological methods to test theory about psychological mechanisms. topics include emotion expression and suppression, self-efficacy, cognitive factors in depression.

social psychology explores the interplay between individual minds and the social world, and use experimental methods to study many aspects of the human experience, such as prejudice and stereotyping, person perception, social norms, conflict resolution, biases in judgment, affective processes, cultural diversity in thinking, morality, helping and aggression, identity and the self, attitudes and persuasion, and motivation.

so much to look into! and first i really ought to get my first two degrees out of the way, which first involve getting into college...but i'm excited about this. i've been practicing psychology illegally for five years, THINK HOW MUCH THE WORLD WILL IMPROVE ONCE I'M LEGALLY CERTIFIED TO CHEER YOU UP.


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