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8:21 p.m. x 2005-04-14

i went to be interviewed for a job today.

it all began initially when i went to submit an application, but the fun started this afternoon. i knew they'd called me but i hadn't had time to call them back. so i did once i got home from school. after sitting through a recording, i was connected to a secretary. we exchanged a maximum of six words before i was put on hold, which sent me into a dizzying spiral of ARGH...that was concievably the most grating sound i've ever heard! and then it clicked off very fast (after being on for WAAAAAY too long) and a man mispronounced my name and then shuffled something. irratably, he moved and shuffled something else.

apparently i had been miss-filed. apparently i was supposed to be there for an interview like...now.

so we hopped over there, and i waltzed into the building, over to the service desk. i said "i have an interview" and the three individuals operating the desk blinked at me inexplicably. it is, i found out, the norm for them to do group interviews. i was going in alone. wasn't that scary?!

i just sort of danced to myself and felt obtrusive while the three milled around in search of a manager, paging. they paged somebody and she came over for another reason and said that it hadn't been her they'd reached. everyone looked confusedly at one another (except me, i was still obtrusive-dancing), and then suddenly this guy sprang out from a back door and lunged his hand out at me.

i thought he was a butch girl at first.

he led me back into the realm of the retaile employee and we sat in a mini-makeshift-boardroom where i didn't put my name on a nametag because it felt too foreward. i couldn't put my social security number on anything, i didn't have references, but my interview kicked ASS because I AM A GOOD EMPLOYEE, WORLD. or i will be.

he handed me a form for a drug test. my dad says that's a positive sign. i'd like them to hier me because i need the money. personal responsibility, interpersonal skill-building is fine. it's all bullshit compared to the money. hey, he didn't ask me how much i wanted to be making!

i also realize that i had six albums in the last entry. what?

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