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9:25 p.m. x 2005-04-16

my bass came back, and now i'm REALLY impatient to start a band. really impatient since 2000 with a contented dip, but still ongoing and freshly enthused. there are bands that suck making headway on an audience that could be swayed towards better things.

*noises of distress* i'm trying to make a list of things desired para la BIRTHDAY and failing, failing graphically. i'm better off now to rediscover/discover the obscure gems littered around my music collection. i just found out this week "the day i tried to live" is the greatest song ever, and i've owned it all this time.

interlude: i got new headbands from walmart, and dammit are they ever the best.

i'm in a really enterprising mood right now, and i'm going to go and capture my glee and ambition in some creative medium, be it an interpretive dance to "more human than human" or a meditative romp through my stack of scrapbooking clips.


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