afternoon delight

3:34 p.m. x 2005-04-19

don't ignore the new kid

at least tell him where the cafeteria is. he'll be henceforth known as B16, henceforth as he'll get being that he's pushing 80. i can tell he's wild. a WILD papa.

i got to bare witness today to a swirl of dramatic intrigue during gym, amongst the sophomores. i got sucked into it a tad, like getting my pantleg caught in a vacuum. the one girl stood in front of me and wouldn't stop smiling, wouldn't step away from me, and the other was hanging on my side, my head buried in her hair. smiling girl shouldn't have been belittling hair girl, and hopefully they will sort themselves out before this gets back to B16 and he transfers back to his old school.

(in response to a question asked earlier to a young man regarding his availibility for the upcoming art show, he said "afternoon delight" and proceeded to dance. great minds circulating within that enclave ((i never want to work with artpeople again...although that was funny)).)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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