the ghost gets happy again

11:53 a.m. x 2005-05-06

it's my BIRTHDAAAY todaaay.

last night was pretty rough. manda cancelled, which set me off before people arrived, but then catie came and dressed me up, and clare and kara came and she dressed them up, and it was utterly fantastic with unforeseeable dread before we went to dinner.

the events surrounding dinner insight rage into those with a sense of decency. the circumstances were highly unfair to all involved (i'm going to say myself especially, since it was my fucking birthday party). i was AAAAAAANGRY like avril lavigne could never HOPE TO BE.

at home my mom gave me a smoothie maker, and tweak (who materialized at dinner) chugged hers. we watched "eraserhead" and drifted off to a peaceful sleep and awoke to jerry springer and techno.


realistically, no "prom" may be permitted to kick ass...but my eighteenth birthday SHALL. you fucking hear me?

(clare needs to be avenged, she was heavily wronged for picking the more important of two scenarios. i'm perscribing mix cds.)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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