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11:06 p.m. x 2005-05-08

i went to maryland with clare and her mom, and i had 100$ and i spent 1$ on a nun finger puppet. and i have to tell you, it was such a satisfying purchase! maryland was really quaint, and not in a way that made me want to peel my skin off. the architecture was satisfactory and the morale was cute. it made me miss annapolis (i had an awesome time there once...nostalgia has been eating me alive for the past month and it's just another thing that's driving me farther into escapism, into hours of meditation which aren't always too great because then i'm concentrating soo intensely that i don't eat, and then i get up and i "binge", which is really just like a sandwich and some chips and salsa but for some reason i'm not handling large portions, ideally i could just eat yogurt all day...i may do that soon). the nun is from a store which counts john waters as a favorite patron, which made me smile.

it was my sister's birthday today. i drew her a card, and i drew my mom a card for mother's day. i did this and listened to "the omen" score which i got from itunes with my 50$ gift card. pretty sweet i must say. that score contains the best little piano bit ever, SCREW "HALLOWEEN", the piano in "ave satani" is INNNCRRREDIBLE. i also got "music for string, percussion & celesta, III" by bartok, which is quite the awesome movement and is in "the shining".

i got pictures from prom back, and the one of ryan looks extremely disembodied. it's fantastic. the group shot of myself, clare, kara and catie is going to be framed when it towers forth. i'm excited. i hope tweak's andy-prom excursion met with great success! i feel that my senior prom was just fine. it was prom, it was what it was, and for what it was: i got to see a bunch of my friends really happy and bouncing around, it wasn't anything to make anything of other than an oppertunity to have fun.

you just have to do that. *frustreated DUUUUUH* (my optimism has the habit of biting people in the ass, i see).

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