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10:39 p.m. x 2005-05-14

a new david lynch film is galloping towards cannes! david lynch and JEREMY IRONS. i'm riveted.

even after my devastatingly uuugh time of work today, wherein i was placed behind a manager's desk in the middle of the "office living room" to plow through three hours of something that thought it could teach me how to operate a cash register. people would walk up to me and ask me questions, because i was in the manager's desk and there was nobody else around. all of the management i've encountered there is very nonverbal and scared of their own shadow, not to mention their coworkers. a girl i spoke to at orientation and myself are the most competant people i've run into yet. give us a matter of weeks and we'll rule the retaile-scape.

i bolted right out of there and bought two david lynch soundtracks and "wild at heart", then came home to the new film news! it better get a wide release so that i can see it in the theatre! AAAGH i will LIVE IN THE THEATRE when it comes out...

honestly though, you know, i may speak deragatorily about my employment status but I AM EMPLOYED which i love and wouldn't jeopardize. i've only been working out there a few days, it just happens to be a very desolate and odd environment. i'll do my job and i'll be good at it until i feel i have my employers behind me as a dependable reference, and then i will haul ass to a bookstore and get a job i can enjoy. but first i need this! this is like the community college of jobs.

also i've never been in a place that made me so exhausted. every time i go i doze off somewhere. i say this now, because i'm falling asleep...

...i promise i'll have something valid to speak of soon (the art show is raping my train of thought in the ass).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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