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10:38 p.m. x 2005-05-16

i placement-tested today. i also wrote a huge entry yesterday that's DISAPPEARED...i got a 9/10 on the writing. of course. the math was equally as puzzling as math has been for me all throughout high school...i got an 80 on the one section and a 33 on the other (those out of 100). even in light of this, i am counting on being in actual math in college. NO MORE INTEGRATED!

it's looks pretty much like an elaborate extension of high school, which is horrible, but only something i'll have to deal with until december. this will FLY BY, i promise me that.

today's art class was really fun because the teacher once again succeeded at saying, in a very veiled and round-about way, "I HATE TO THINK". we talked about the intellectualization of art. i so have the attitude of "do your own thing" that i can't be bothered to criticize someone else's methods of bringing about the concept. i have a feeling she takes this seriously. i don't believe i'll get along too well with anybody i meet from here-on-in who takes art with DEADLY SERIOUSNESS. or who is an utter nazi when it comes to what is/isn't art, and i'm not talking about arbitrary things like a sunset, etc, that's the person's problem...but if it's an expression, and it's getting the thing across, i'm not going to mess with that. "art" as it encompasses the sensory medium, it can access quite a couple of ways.

INLAND EMPIRE accesses thursday. probably while i'm learning to use the cash register (it's quite convinient that news of this is so new, or i'd have been rambling about this for months).

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