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10:58 p.m. x 2005-05-17

today i began actually working at the cash register, and not two people into my first run-through with the mad money machine, here saunters over this man. balding, nebbish, harmless by all accounts, armed with a hefty stack of women's intimates. my powers of perception tell me DUH, transvestite, but my "buddy", the superior shadowing me, didnt' quite check into that. she goes "what's up?" cause he seems pretty jittery. this guy's ready to geek, and he starts going off about how great the prices are on this sale. absolute nebbish raving. he's really happy. so happy, in fact, that as he's gathering his goods, he screams "DO YOU ACCEPT TIPS?!" and sprints to the door.

so that's the story of my 10$. i'm really feeling kind of bad i didn't give my shadow-woman half. i'll see if she's sore about it next time.

so that happened today, and as if THAT wasn't fun enough...!!!

it gives him the most freedom since "eraserhead". he has bankrolled this thing himself, shot it himself, owns it himself. this has been very liberating for david. to those confused about the timeline, yes he has been shooting it for two years next month, and he is writing it one scene at a time as he goes. i will not say anything about the content, however, as i respect David's need for privacy and secrecy, even though i am no longer there. i think it will be better than "mulholland drive".
john neff, lynch's sound engineer

BETTER THAN "MULHOLLAND DRIVE"? palpitations...i'm think going to see INLAND EMPIRE alone, maybe in the huge theatre a half an hour away (which i'm willing to bet will be the only place to play it around me) so that i can immerse myself properly in the experience. AAAGH!!! and jeremy irons...

the thought drives me wild. new lynch film, art show, graduation, nun finger puppets...

...and other things...

...i'm very proud of david lynch for really making the movie he's wanted to make, for going at his own pace and thinking it through like he likes to and doing it on his terms. i bet it'll be like "fire walk with me", which really was a horribly short-changed masterpiece. it's BREATHTAKING. but "mulholland drive"...better than "mulholland drive"? i'm freaking out, i should be in cannes.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAH (one track mind: lynch and track mind...).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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