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10:11 p.m. x 2005-05-22

my place of employment suffers greatly from shaky, befuddled management. at orientation, the woman who was running it stated "this other manager wrote out your schedules for you...they are ALL WRONG..." so i corrected mine (the days and the dates didn't match up, all of the dates were one after the day). the one for SATURDAY wasn't messed up on mine so i let it alone.


i go in yesterday and i'm not on the schedule. i saunter in to the communal office and i go "hey - where am i supposed to be?". my manager, the one who screwed up the dates, appears and thinks that i'm a different person. i tell him who i am and he's perplexed, says "oh...okay, go to register such-and-such". so, i'm there. i hang for the allotted length that was dictated to me. i do my best.

after that i bought the "clockwork orange" soundtrack and books about hollywood scandal, then hung out with clare. my mood is very clear now and have had such a muck lifted...i'm very happy. i think we had a great time.

SO TODAY...i come home and i'm cleaning, running around and watching "the game" with michael douglas, trying to patch my room back together. lately if i don't remain aware at all times, my room gets very gross very quickly. i anticipate my own place of residence sooo VASTLY.

i'm cleaning and my mom says, hey, you better call and ask when you work next! that makes sense to me, you know. so i call them and the individual goes, "oh...my...you are, um, supposed to be here now." WHAAAT?!?! i rage internally. "oh my." i say.

my manager had many, many oppertunities to inform me of this. he was in my register a bit of the time, he swooped down frequently. i TOLD HIM upon entering that morning that my training schedule was up and i had not yet been added to the normal schedule. i wasn't even given a designated break time and had to take it at the convinience of the other twenty people (or, a tad too many) milling around that station! I WAS NOT INFORMED AND HAD NO WAY OF KNOWING OTHERWISE.

i would've come in if they'd told me i should be there, but they didn't. THEEEIIIRRR FAAUULLT. i'm cool though, you know. i cleaned out my room today and found some ticket stubs, and ticket stubs always cheer me up.

a ticket stub from INLAND EMPIRE would be sweeet. can't wait for that....

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