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10:16 p.m. x 2005-05-29

i'm being slow in getting this layout 100% up because of culmination busy-ness. wrappin' up the bitches. slightly more then a week then, onward!

art show consensus was: A BLAST, i ran around with my delightful little heather ALL DAY. she got second, mon petit chou ABBY got third, and who got first? that's almost right - CLARE! i'm deleriously proud of her. like a big black mama. i can understand why each of them one, and i'm very happy. i loved the looks on their faces. it was verry (two r's, that's right) elating. my display fulfilled it's duty, and that was to confound and mesmerize all down the day. it did just that. it snagged pools of onlookers and i drew catie (who got massively screwed, but wins in the end for being catie).

this little thing i carry around in my pocket for good luck named KOURTNEY, who is in my 3DII class, placed best in show for 3D, and i was, again, soooo proud of herrrrr.

MANDA GOT SECOND FOR HER BUNNY SKELETON!!!! that thing kicks my ass. it kicked my ass all through 3DII and it continues to do so. rock on, skeletal rabbit. rock on, manda.

clare & i are roomin'. i bought "sunset boulevard" (because i've watched "mulholland drive" a disconcerting number of times, and david lynch likes "sunset boulevard", and because i am whipped). slightly more than a week! i'm thinking to fulfill my goals i may have to add another class onto my fall semester to properly catapult myself out of central pennsylvania, and that extra class would have to be an excrutiating bout of MATH, but i will do it!

FOR YOU, MY LOVE, FOR YOU! (or maybe i will cheat on you with one of my other lovers in baltimore or boston...there's plenty of love to go around, i'm young. i plan on having many partners.)

even my immediate future is not so harried and glum, thanks to a bright and shining prospect known as FILM CLUB. TWO of them in fact, one i think is concentrated on the more artistic aspects, and the other on semantics, and the technical specifics of production. I AM ALL OVER BOTH.

i am full of lust for my future, and for these towels i saw today at POE. one of my essentials for my future place of solitary dwelling is red towels and an ornately framed copy of the cenci. so i may someday decorate my room at le borghese with them, to fondle in the summer when i'm not at my place in the dakota.


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