what is this thing about him calling you "a sassy piece of jailbait"?

9:34 p.m. x 2005-06-02

i just gotta be zen. i have to breathe and think and REFRAAAIIIIN from the given reaction. i shouldn't internalize. i should say something.

but soon it'll all roll away. so i think i'll just drop a few things and keep going.

i went to flex my college-bound-adult muscles today. i bought a chess set (i lie - my mother bought me a chess set, i refuse to spend my paychecks until i have amassed at least 1000$ dollars, and i presently have 120$). i have to call both POE and CC (community college), the former to ask when i work next and the latter to inform them of where i plan to have them point the catapult when the expunge me at christmas.

the senior trip is monday, and i'm going to try and make it constructive. then more rehearsal bullshit and GRADUATION, then ALIYA! june 17th babyyyy: he-he-he-heck yes! then i start classes in julyyy. working on transferring jobs to one that i can perform better very soon (this is fine, but working with clothes has begun to irk me, i did however participate in a rousing conversation with a customer the other day about bust sizes).

i expect to be in well over 1000$ come graduation thanks to my relatives. and...wait a tick...THE KARI FUND. there is cash in my name lying around for me that i get RIGHT NOW. oh, yeeeesss...!!! it is all, mind you, towards autonomous expenses. i'm collecting earnings to enable myself to build financial independance. so i already have a great leap towards that.

okay. it's good i cleared that up for myself. thanks, kari. (you know what'll happen, though, right? i'll have nothing to my name but the nicest towels you've ever freaking seen. that's the sort of thing i do.)

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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