i wanna marry a lighthouse keeper & keep him company, i wanna marry a lighthouse keeper & live by the side of the sea

10:07 p.m. x 2005-06-10

maryland'd avec la clare, slathered in sunblock even though we were inside of a mall the entire time. there is now SUN POISONING and the persistant threat of a solid discoloration (tan is fine on some people but not on many, and DEFINITELY not on me). i itch everywhere that's been exposed to seething solar spite. it's intense. but's it's okay, because i have 1,000 dollars so far with which to invest in BOOKS! I GET TO GO PICK UP MY BOOKS THIS WEEK!

you know...my books. i'm excited. i think the psych book i'm getting has frida khalo on the cover. mmmm. i hope it comes with the cd rom. IIII'M SOOOO HAAAPPYYYYYY THAT HIIIIIGH SCHOOOOOOL IS OOOOVERRRRR AND IIII CAN STAAAAAARRRT DOING WHAT I WANT TO DOOOOOOOO! i'm kicking this college thing's ASS! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

i'm ready. i can't wait till july. i'm going to prep myself this month whilst i learn to drive.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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