whips club weirdo dies in a nappy

11:56 p.m. x 2005-06-12

or "bdsm enthusiast bites it in diaper". however you'd care to put it. it's still sad (but fantastically worded).

i spent my whole day cleaning and watching "america's next top model" whilst i analyzed all of the plusses popping up before me as i wallow in adulthood. and how to put my income to the best uses possible (i have thusfar resisted seedy internest subscriptions, but dita.net continues to harken...).

i'm onmyown training this summer, learning to grocery shop, cook, drive, do the laundry, etc, so that i may have a nice springboard into isolated city-dwelling. OH! THE THOUGHT! it fills me with whirling gusts of glee. i hate the thought of driving, but i hate the thought of stagnating more. cities mean immediacy and unrest, and if the only way to get that in rural iniquity means driving great distances, then i'll fucking do it, man. this will be a very lively summer.

i am dizzy with ambition and possibility. no more LEGUME, bitch, i'm OUT. OF. HERE.


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