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2:46 a.m. x 2005-06-17

aliya day tomorrow! i'm so worn out. this week i apply to bookstores. i also start getting hardcore into my textbooks so that i can get the jump on my courses. i hope college won't be this hurried. i don't know what this is - !!! it's like my every waking hour lately has been rushrushrush! EW! it's crazy! i feel like school will be mellow and fun, though. i know i have to work hard but i chose to classes that i'm into. psych, duh, but then the english is composition! writing. heckyes.

but i've had nary a minute to delve. so i complain about that as i write in my online diary (which i've had since 2002 and have come to highly value that it's been there for me this long, erratic as i've been with it).

i'm going to go finish aliya's welcome back thing. i had to redo her cds because the playlists were sacrificed to some new asshole assigned to the task of washing out the downstairs computer, the one with manic depression. this thing that i write on now, that i've had since fourth grade, has been SOOOO GOOD all nine-odd years. it got upgraded this past year and kicks more ass than ever before. that thing downstairs has been nothing but bitching and moaning since last xmas.

and NOW they've deleted everyone elses' desktops and kept only my mother's, so there are no compartmentalized accounts! that wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that my brother and sister use that computer, my brother for his disgusting mass of video games and my sister for her annoying-ass AIM and horrendous itunes library. i do not HAVE an itunes library thanks to this mess. tomorrow this bitch is recieving a brutal phone call from me demanding the instructions on how to set up my own desktop because IT WOULDN'T BE SO BAD IF EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME THEY COME OUT TO FIX SOMETHING IT FUCKS SOMETHING ELSE WAY UP!!! AND ALWAYS SOMETHING OF MINE!!!

plus i can't fucking update my ipod. unless i wanted howie fucking day on it (and i don't, thank you). UGH.

i'm excited for aliya!

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