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12:29 a.m. x 2005-06-27

i wound up in gettysburg today. my mom woke me up and said "so are you coming?" and i had no idea what she was talking about, so i got ready and we drove out to this place full of factory outlets, which was why my mom thought i wouldn't have wanted to come. it turned out i was the only one who wanted to do anything and everyone else stayed in the car. ME, who worked and ran around and has had all a wink of rest since school ended...i must be very healthy. i actually saw a book at a book warehouse that i wanted! that i knew the title and had meant to order it! so awesome. of course it was male on male rape which is better suited to clandestine online ordering, but it was eight dollars! heckyes! i got that, and spent sixty dollars on clothes walking around. i got something of eight pieces so i think that's good, and i bought "get behind me satan" because i was able to sell this stack of cds from our car. i should've sold the kelly clarkson one. i'm sick of hearing it. i'll be out of my mind sick of it by the end of the summer because the same thing happened with the usher cd last year. my mom and my sister must hear a SING CD ALL SUMMER and if anybody tries to listen to anything different, my sister FREAKS OUT. she gets to listen to whatever she wants on the cd player every time we get in the car. when i try to play something she cries, she gets so upset and she doesn't realize how petty that is because she thinks the lowest of everything concerning me. that's her problem, though.

i bought all of that stuff (not "satan", though) with my own money! it's the first time i've gone shopping with it! it's a very freeing feeling.

i want to get through more of the books that i own. i own an innumerable amount of books (i haven't updated the bookshelf page in ages cause i suck) that are half-done or unread completly. i almost have catcher in the rye wanked right now. it's funny to read a book that gets referenced a lot and see the references in their natural habitat. i got that feeling when i bought "sunset boulevard", too. i remember an episode of "tiny toons" with references to that. but no really, i've referenced catcher in the rye and i'd never read the book. or maybe i have, in the akashic library.

one of the skirts today rang up and the register called it "navy" and the cashier screamed "THAT'S NAVY?!" and ran around holding it up to black things and freaking out. it was awesome (and it so is not navy).

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