i met a boy wearing vans, 501s and a dope beastie tee

9:50 p.m. x 2005-07-02

my dad and i went out to see "batman begins" for his birthday, and for a while everything seemed to be going fine. it was pretty funny, too, because i've been meditating on whether or not i'm impotent (this has nothing to do with my dad turning 50, though). so we're watching the film, i'm cheering on christian bale, cause i like christian bale, he's the man...and then! then there's that guy!

cillian murphy's character, the mad director of the asylum...i'm definitely not impotent, sir. (there could've been better ways for me to discover this, though.) also there was the trailor for "charlie & the chocolate factory". i'm actually going to the movies soon! it's nice to have pictures you want to see playing...(that, you know, i want to see...and i want to see ethereal midgets and scarecrows).

i rented "the piano teacher" because i didn't thoroughly watch it the last time, and "notorious" which i'm excited to see because it's a major work of hitchcock's that i've ignored.

i just read what i wrote and i'm sick of hearing myself talk about film. do you get the feeling i'm ignoring something else when i do that? you're on to me...

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