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2:17 p.m. x 2005-07-13

(jeff magnum knows something very important about me.)

i was really, really angry this morning but i'm much better now. i've had my ego buffered and catie flew by. it's really okay, i'm just cranky. i think that's really it. i have to get up and do all of that so early, both classes. but this will benefit me in the long run. after christmas i will not need another english class. after christmas i will not have to be immersed in appalachian idiocy.

i'm a little more at ease knowing the piano teacher won the nobel prize for literature. a lot more at ease.

i feel smothered and sick and i hate the place that i live in. but i don't feel as bad as i did earlier. there are stupid people that i have to be around, but there are smart people out there.

i have to go write another essay. i'm never writing anything other than fiction and this diary again, you know. i cannot pull from outside myself. this sucks. but after christmas...

(i know i'll have to write for everything, but i won't have to do it in central pennsylvania.)

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