stay if you want to, i'll always wait to hear you say there's a last kiss for all the times you run this way

9:29 p.m. x 2005-07-14

WHOA. okay...

okay. i'm smiling. i know i could never lose clare!

i went over to kara's and we cried, and when i came home, when i walked into the living room - clare came down my steps! i couldn't believe it! we ran at each other and collapsed on the couch, and she cried and i laughed and we stayed like that. we talked for a few minutes about how much we love each other and then we went upstairs and i gave her a brooch. it is a very significant brooch because it is the one i wore when we'd go out to applebee's in days predating hoey drama. before she left, though, i had to stop her and look at her face. i hadn't seen her face the entire time she'd been there.

and i saw very specifically then that clare is very different now from when i met her. and it is, of course, a good thing (i like her any way she is, duuuh). i waved her all the way down my street, in the rain. she's going to write me AS SOON AS SHE GETS TO BOSTON!

and everything's going to be okay. i'm always going to love you, clare. even if you can't get on a computer to read about it in my dland diary.

(today made me realize how unreasonable being away from my friends is going to become...)

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