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10:13 p.m. x 2005-07-17

i remember it when johnny depp was more of a cult actor. he was always a talented actor, but a very drew from a very specific audience. now, he's got a MUCH wider audience thanks to "pirates of the caribbean". that's fine, and i'm overjoyed that someone whose work i enjoy as much as his has found such recognition.

so, hey, if you want to get a little whacked out with your role, that's fine (ew look what kari's saying). really...i thought "charlie & the chocolate factory" was worth the outing, especially the oompa loompa sequences, which thouroughly kicked my ass. I JUST DON'T THINK YOU DID THE JOB YOU COULD'VE DONE, JOHNNY DEPP! I KNOW YOU'RE CAPABLE OF IT! I JUST KNOW YOU ARE!

eh. i have "sleepy hollow" on vhs. i'm fine, i really am. and "the corpse bride" looks awesome.

really my base criticism of "charlie" is that i felt like giving direction in the film. AGAIN, NOT TO DETER TIM BURTON'S DIRECTION IN THE FILM, but some aspects provoked the director in me to encourage more thought to a seen, throw out a line of dialogue, play into a point a little bit more, CONCENTRATE LESS ON THE SETS! THE SETS WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES! PRACTICALLY ALL YOU NEED IS TO STAND IN THEM! there's so much about it that is full of PROMISE. freddie highmore has nothing to worry about, lucky. and i did enjoy seeing depp act alongside him much more than orlando bloom (petty, petty little girl).

BUT: deep roy. he made it all worth while. one of the HARDEST ASPECTS about the wonka franchise to nail to satisfactory - the oompa loompas! - and they were PERFECT! how random?! the oompa loompas and the white sunglasses. oompa loompas, white sunglasses, and grandma georgina. for best results, watch with a friend named kara. and buy the nachos.

all i wanted today were nachos, and when i got home from work, i dropped the glass jar the cheese comes in and it broke. it broke but the cheese still pretty much hung out in this one intact part, but the top had like exploded, and when i picked it up i tried to pour the cheese out into a cup and my mom freaked out because it probably had broken glass in it. i didn't frankly care because i wanted nachos THAT BADLY. so i eventually got them, but the cheese at the movie theatre is the most artificial thing i've ever had the inordinate and lustful pleasure of eating.

it was great to see johnny depp's cheekbones again. i'm always up for that. and the idea for his childhood was really fun, I WOULD'VE LOVED TO DO SOMETHING WITH THAT. WITH THAT CONCEPT. TIM BURTON. HUH? COME ON. YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME? i do feel bad about being critical of anothers' work. even something like "the ring two" or "white noise". i figure, you'll get flack from elsewhere, kari should be there to hold you up! to support you! and, well...i do!

but don't suck next time, and it'll be easier for me to say good things about you (baaaaaaaaaah).

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