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9:09 p.m. x 2005-07-27

i bought "i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love" today, and it's a french import ($13, though, not bad). it has a french insert over the top that says some really cheesey things. cheese is obvious in all languages and cultures. it has a french phrase on the inside, but everything else is in english, so i don't know if this is some sort of special thing or not. the photos are really blurry, but i can see neal diamond shirts, and frankly...that's all i need to see in order to be happy. neal diamond shirts. and 75 pictures on my hard drive (in their own little folder).

i have nine more classes before the ten-day weekend, so i'm thinking i ought to wave something around at work and ask for that week off so that i can totally relax. after that everybody's summer is over, and i'll have class but it'll be at SUCH a better pace. i'm doing this (six weeks) and i'm handling it. i think i can do that (sixteen weeks) and handle it fine. and the weather will be great again! I HOPE IT'S AN EXTREMELY, BITTERLY COLD WINTER! i hope fall is brisk, too. i plan on buying many jackets.

we had a guest speaker yesterday who works with all the state's sex offenders. he was the best guest speaker EVER. and i learned (according to them) the origin of the word "fuck". i love psych class. it is strange, but it is a lot more comfortable than english. people run into english an hour early and shift around muttering "oh lord" to themselves, but in psych everybody sits back and bickers and has normal conversation. and the clinician recounts innumerable, quirky anecdotes. he's cool because i think that if i saw him somewhere, just walking around, i'd think he's nuts and wouldn't approach him. he's great. i can't imagine why he is teaching psych at half-college (i bet he has to for some reason, he's so perfectly not a teacher and i'm so perfectly not a student that everything FITS!).

i don't want to do this essay that i'm putting off. it's a process analysis essay and it's about psycho/sociopaths. it's due tomorrow. i'm bored with it all ready. the last paper i did was a college essay on "mulholland drive". i wonder what grade it's getting. i can never tell. i got a B on this last one, a D before (i haven't seen the revised grade yet). everything about everything is so vague. ugh.

there is definitely something wrong with the skin on my back (it's just irritated...but i don't know what keeps irritating it). and i have terrible self-perception. with that, i'll go pass out in the hallway.

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