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3:11 p.m. x 2005-07-29

kara and i got to be privy to an exciting development last night (and it wasn't this, it was so much more)! i don't know how it'll pan out...but i'm fairly certain that it will result in something spectacular...

and i continue to be completely fucking sick of living at home. I CANNOT WAIT for the end of half-college. BY XMAS, KIDS, by xmas i will have my applications out...and after that i will be embarking off to real-college...

i wonder how that's going to be. i don't...i'm not banking on having a very normal time of studious, solitary living. i have a feeling i'm going to go kind of stir-crazy but i'll be really productive. a lot of writing and i lot of drawing, i suspect. i get the sneaking half-suspicion that i will not date at college. i have no way of knowing duuuh but i have trouble being optimistic about myself in relation to the opposite gender.

guys have never, ever liked me and i don't mean liked me like LIIIIIKED me, i mean liked me at all. ryan, yeah; jaypea, yeah; paul, yeah. andy and jimmy, etc. they're all friends of mine, so they're more important than any other guys, but it's distressing to CONSTANTLY ENCOUNTER this attitude with guys. MOST GUYS I MEET ACT COMPLETELY HOSTILE TOWARDS ME. like i make them angry. maybe it's just guys in central pennsylvania. i hope so.

pff, shut-up (eugh, humidity made this a lame entry).

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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