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9:28 p.m. x 2005-08-02

i was really, really disappointed in the last paper i wrote. he handed it back today, and i got a B. it was a TERRIBLE PAPER! but that's...that's funny. at least, i think then, i can't be doing too bad in that class?! it's inching towards the end. i hope i keep doing not too bad. psych is still psych. it's still almost completely a lecture about "rain man" and "overboard". i'm going to miss it SOOO MUCH.

i meant to say something yesterday about the presentation somebody gave. we've been giving presentations in psych and one woman went yesterday who BLEW ME AWAY. she has men-1 syndrome and a very rare cancer, and she's a motivational speaker. her presentation was amazing. really, really, REALLY powerful. she's really cool. it's a shame the classes are so early that nobody converses. i hope i meet people in the fall, when there are kids my age. there are really only two girls my age in both classes.

i've been in this constant state of half-asleep all week. i am always on the verge of passing out. my lids are always heavy. eight years on two hours a night is catching up to me. I'M NOT NOT SLEEPING AT COLLEGE. when i get into a real college, i am sleeping ALL THE TIME THAT I AM NOT STUDYING.

how incredibly crazy and erotic would it be if i started off my first entire fall semester two Bs all ready established?!

tomorrow i should be music-ing with jimmy, as well as plowing through ANOTHER PAPER. i'm contrasting those two al-anon meetings i went to, because i just wrote about them for psych so everything is fresh in my mind. watch that get a C, you know. my "mulholland drive" essay got a C. "congratulations" he said "for losing me in the space of five paragraphs". my pleasure.

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